This place tends to hold a short collection of things that might be significant for the moment they occured and thoughts that evolve over time.


Der Einfluß globaler Medien(technologie) auf die lokale Lebensrealität kambodschanischer Mönche
a Bachelor-Report in digital media at the University of Bremen (2006) dealing with the globalisation of media and more precise with the global media impact on the everyday life of a group of cambodian monks.
Kaderschmiede und Standortfaktor - die Geschichte der Uni Bremen
Published in "Bremer Uni Buch 2005" created by the local students council (AStA Uni Bremen) as a guidebook for the first-year students.
Für einen neuen Bildungsbegriff
Published in "Ya Basta! Freie Bildung für Alle" (2005) , a paper created by several student organisations/groups involved in a northern german network fighting for free and self-determined education.
A book on intercultural experiences in Thailand
emerged from a half year study at the King Monkut's University of Technology Thonburi in Bangkok in 2004.

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